Meet the Founder


Dr. Brittany Pickett-Rose, DACM, LAc.

Brittany is a California Board licensed acupuncturist and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She studied at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) located in San Francisco, CA where she gained her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) as well as her Master’s of Science in TCM. Prior to medicine, she attended University of San Francisco (USF) attaining her Bachelors of Art in Communication Studies with a minor in Music. It has been a long journey with many requirements to practice this particular medicine and she is grateful for the focus and drive within her to help and serve others.

Quotations from Interviews

“I am grateful. Gratitude is a medicine within itself. I truly enjoy helping my patients. I help them through tough times. My biggest pleasure is when I use the ancient medicine that has been passed down to me from my teachers, professors, mentors, and healers. It always amazes me when I have instant results. I get butterflies when I help them- even if it a reduction in pain from an 8 to a 3. If I can get their pain or challenge resolved to a ZERO, it’s a celebration.”

“I have this need to empower women. Educating women on what is a healthy menstrual cycle, appropriate thoughts to a beautiful life, you know- things we don’t learn in school or families that just didn’t teach or have a knowing. I like empowering men as well, but you know, women bring new life into the world and have to bounce back. It is a process.”

“Being called Doctor puts me on this pedestal that sometimes I don’t think is appropriate. It’s great, don’t get me wrong! I met the requirements to be called that at a very young age. But I also tell my patients that they are actually their own healer. Ultimately, I’m just taking information and guiding them. Based on what they say, how they smell, their pulse, tongue and certain information about their chief complaint- all this information that gathers a diagnosis about the patient. All I really do is look over the information and insert needles to specific points in the body where there may be stagnation, a deficiency, an excess or etc. The body knows how to function on it’s own. I just assist it by directing their “QI”. We can come to a magical place called Homeostasis. That’s why I called my practice this name. It is special to me because when I am at that Internal Equilibrium, anything can be manifested into existence. I also preach about eating healthy, cooked vegetables from the Earth, having your own garden to restore the Earth, living a life on a time clock according to TCM and affirmations.”

“People may be confused on what Exactly I do. I’m not a therapist but patients identify me with healing. I ask a simple 10 questions, read the tongue and pulse, form a diagnosis, insert needles in the body according to the diagnosis, leave the patient in a room with calm music for at least 25 minutes to allow time for the body to recalibrate and recharge like a cell phone and come back and take out the needles. Some patients end with cupping to move blood, qi, yin and energy in the body. I may give them an herbal prescription they have to be committed to for about 2 weeks, and homework about positive self talk so they can keep calm and carry on.”