Our Vision


The Private Practice.

Homeostasis Medicine is a Private Practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Homeostasis is defined as Internal Equilibrium. TCM utilizes modalities (acupuncture, cupping, medicinal herbal prescriptions) to stabilize a harmonious state of being. We have helped patients with general pain, fertility challenges, digestion, anxiety/depression, stress, skin/ facial issues (like Bell’s Palsy) and internet addiction. Our specialties are General Pain, Female Health/Fertility, and Beauty: Cosmetic Facial Resets. We are known for our signature medicinal herbal formulated moisturizer called GLOW by Homeostasis Medicine.

Traditional medicine historically dates back 2,500 years ago. Chinese Medicine is unique because it is detailed and specific as well as being well organized and preserved for thousands of years. The medicine is simple: the practitioner examines the patient’s tongue, pulse, and body according to 10 vital answers to a set of questions that encompass the entire body of the patient. The focus of each treatment is dependent on the patient’s chief complaint. According to the diagnosis, we have a specific treatment plan that follows a point protocol as well as an herbal prescription. An acupuncture treatment is about 25 minutes with 10-15 needles inserted into the body. The needles are finer than hair and have the ability to tap into the meridians and create flow (blood, yin, energy, etc.) throughout the body. The meridians act like pipelines for water or electrical wires for electricity. Tapping into specific meridians (each organ has it’s own channel) can unblock stagnation. The human body needs to be charged regularly just like a cellphone or one can become sick and dis-eased.

Acupuncture is recommended to those with specific challenges two times a week for two weeks and a re-evaluation of progression is noted. Most patients see a dramatic change after 12 consistent visits. Natural Medicine is a slow and steady process that is dependent on the consistency of the patient. Lifestyle Modifications are always recommended concerning food therapy, positive affirmations and exercise. Herbal formulas are meant to be taken until the chief complaint is resolved. We work alongside many western MD’s/PCP’s for the best interest of the patient. Our goal is to have most of our patients independent of medicine and producing results for their Best Quality of Life.

Patients that are interested in maintaining health/immunity boosts are recommended to book one visit per season. We are happy to check insurance benefits to insurance patients and offer packages to patients that are not covered.