I originally came to Dr. Pickett Rose desperate, I was unable to properly digest food, could not sleep through the night and had not gotten my period in over 4 years. Immediately after my first visit I felt cared for, and I felt better after the first treatment. After a few months of consistent visits I began to see my symptoms improve. Dr. Pickett Rose is so caring and knowledgeable, she gave me some of the best advice, and with every treatment I felt better. As I began to reclaim my health she was able to fine tune treatment so I could feel my best, and cultivate a stronger life force. I got my period for the first time in 4 years last month, and it is only with the help of Dr. Picket-Rose.
— Female, 19 years young
I have been going to see Dr. Brittany since I was rear ended on the highway by a driver who was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel and hit me.
I had 5 fractures in my back and a fractured ankle, leaving me with constant pain and agony.
I have been seeing Dr. Brittany who works with great care and compassion. She listens to my body’s needs. Chinese medicine and the acupuncture/cupping treatments I have received from Dr. Brittany has improved my life tremendously. I’m back to work and functioning.
My pain has reduced a lot and I will continue to see her until I’m 100% back to normal.
Thank you Dr. Brittany!!!
— Female, 60 years young
“I felt so much better after going in to see Dr. Pickett. I had been driving all day and my neck and shoulders were extremely tight. I was also battling a lot of emotional issues that were coming up during the past week (some very heavy feelings of anxiety and depression). Brittany is a wonderful listener and she seemed to know exactly what I needed. She is an incredibly intuitive person and I loved the feel of her office. All of my physical pain subsided directly after the treatment and overtime the emotional pain lifted  as well. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to return!!
— Female, 30 years young
Before I met Dr. Brittany Pickett-Rose, I was a skeptic of TCM. I thought Eastern Medicine was a joke. I gave it a try because this special soul asked in-depth questions about my health history and took time to comprehend how my body felt. My knee pain has been gone and this medicine reminds me of reflexology.
— Female, 60 years young
I had stomach problems (bloating, burning feeling, pain) when I saw Brittany. She was kind and reassuring. She listened well and asked good questions. Her treatment focused on reducing my stomach discomfort and stress. She patiently explained what she was doing and what each acupuncture point was helping. I definitely felt like I was in good hands. At the end of the session, a lot of energy in my stomach moved. Thank you Brittany for helping me feel so relaxed and relieving my discomfort!
— Female, Senior Citizen