Dr. BP

Dr. Brittany Pickett-Rose is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has helped patients with General Pain, Fertility, and Anti-Aging. She graduated from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) located in San Francisco, CA. Her education encompassed theory of classical medicine, Eastern and Western medical perspectives, channel/meridian theory, internal organ systems, individual & formulated herbal prescriptions, cupping, moxibustion, nutrition and Qi Gong. Dr. Pickett-Rose studied at the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital located in Hangzhou, China where she fully immersed herself in ancient medicine. The strong foundation and rich experiences have allowed her to look at the body from multiple perspectives. 

She approaches the body with a very simple diagnosis based on the patient’s  tongue/pulse readings as well as answers to a set of 10 questions regarding to the body. Past medical history is always examined. Acupuncture treatments are 25 minutes minimum with 10-15 needles inserted in specific points that reflect the diagnosis and chief complaint. Herbal medicine is prescribed only if need be. Essential oils are incorporated at the request of the patient. 

She is passionate about Cosmetic Facial Resets and skin care. She created a moisturizer called ‘GLOW by Homeostasis Medicine’. It is based in natural oils (avocado, sweet almond, and coconut) combined with herbal medicine to fully moisturize the skin, resolve dampness (acne) and keep the skin firm. 

She believes with her innermost being that any disease can be put to ease with the proper self care and self consistency of the patient. She named her private practice Homeostasis Medicine because Internal Equilibrium is the state of being where all life rejuvenates.

Dr. Brittany Pickett-Rose